Frequently Asked Questions


Is Gallio a unit test framework?
No. Gallio is a test automation platform. It provides tools and services needed to run and manipulate tests written using a wide range of other frameworks. Most any existing framework can be integrated given a suitable adapter plugin.

Test Runners

Will Gallio run from the console?
Yes. Gallio’s “Echo” test runner makes it easy to run tests from the console.
Does Gallio have a GUI runner?
Yes. Gallio’s “Icarus” test runner provides a Windows based GUI for interactively running tests.
Does Gallio support ReSharper 5?
Yes, but only in v3.2 (and newer).


What is Gallio’s relationship to MbUnit?
Gallio was originally the codename for MbUnit. Later it became a project unto its own with the purpose of building a common reusable test harness and a rich suite of interoperable tools for use with any supported framework. The Gallio test model enables MbUnit to work with Gallio in the same way that any other supported framework works with Gallio.
Is MbUnit v3 just a variation of MbUnit v2 that can run on Gallio?
No. MbUnit v3 is a complete rewrite that can do much more than v2.
Will Gallio still run my old MbUnit v2 tests?
Yes. Gallio includes an adapter plugin for MbUnit v2 that will run your tests without any modification.
I see a lot of links and references to the MbUnit development team throughout the Gallio site. Why is that?
Most of the core development team is also part of the MbUnit development team, and since Gallio started out as an internal part of MbUnit, a lot of the MbUnit infrastructure (google-code, user groups, etc.) is still in use for the project production.


I have a tool that might benefit from Gallio’s features. Is it possible for my tool to use or extend Gallio?
Absolutely! That’s precisely what Gallio hopes to encourage. Please contact us to find out how to proceed.
I think feature XYZ would be really cool. How do we make it happen?
Awesome! Please open up a discussion on the development mailing list or create a new feature request item in the issue tracker.
I have implemented a new feature for Gallio. How can I contribute it back to the project?
Please contact the commit members on the development mailing lists. If you are submitting code, we will request that you provide a patch file (an SVN diff) that follows the Gallio coding conventions and includes a full suite of unit tests. We also appreciate your help in updating the Gallio documentation and promoting your new feature so that others may know to take advantage of your work.